GM Stamping Plant on Film

This was another Igers Instameet. We were given access to walk around the old GM Stamping plant. This is a place I’ve been wanting to go for quite a while, and now I had access.

I wanted to shoot a lot more film here, but I ran into a problem. On manual film cameras, there’s usually a button that releases the film so that it can be wound the other direction after you advance the film all the way to the end. I forgot to push this button, and ended up slipping the film out of the container.

What that means is all the exposed film had been advanced, and I had no way to get it back into the protective metal shell that film comes in. If I open the camera door, the whole roll of film would be exposed to light and wasted. So I had no option of being able to swap out my film because I did not have a dark room at the stamping plant. I had to wait until I could make a trip to Roberts, where they took the camera to their darkroom to open the camera up and safely put the film in a sealed container.

Luckily it all worked out and the film turned out great. I also learned a lesson, push the button before winding the film up.