65 Degrees in February

In just 4 days, the temperature went from -10 to 65. Being that it felt like summer with a swing that big, I decided to go out an explore Noblesville.

These monsters are all over the Indianapolis area. It’s a record with guitar-pick teeth, reflector eye, and cassette tape hair. It has en earbud in one ear and there used to be an MP3 player next to it. You can see the blue clip left from it in the lower right.

These things all all over, and I mean all over. I’m still spotting them when I drive around the city, and many are in places that are not easy to get to. This one is easy. But I’ve seen them at the top corner of a side of building in an alley. I’ve also seen these along the interstate.

I’d like to know more about them. Not what they are for, or why, but how many of them there are and how long it took to place them all. I’d say I’ve easily seen 10-15. And each one has been far away from the others. Like this one here. It’s at least a 50 minute drive to the furthest south one I’ve seen.

If you know more about the story of these, leave a comment below.