2019 Mecum Car Auction, Indianapolis

Every year, one of the things I look forward to is the Mecum car auction. It’s like the best car show you’ve ever been to. Super rare muscle cars, rare antiques, and sometimes, movie cars.

With my dad in town, I figured it would be a weekend full of cars. A day out at the Indy 500 practice and a day at the Mecum car auction. We had gone the previous year, and loved the Dodge Performance demonstration. He’d been talking about the Hellcat Challenger ever since.

This is a screen-used Dodge Charger from the 2005 Dukes of Hazzard movie. I actually liked the movie. But could have been that it was directed by the guy who did Super Troopers. Either way, I love seeing movie stuff in person. The top image of this post is also this same Challenger.

I had noticed that the dirt was actually paint. I suppose they want to make sure every car looks the same since they use different versions of the car for different types of scenarios. Like a car that can take corners. I car that’s going to get beat up. A car that looks really good for closeups, and obviously a car or two for jumps.

I can only assume this is a reproduction Batmobile. I know there’s a place out there that still makes licensed version of this car.

This was a “barn find” Shelby GT500. Even still had a mud-dauber nest on the drivers side window. I think I saw online that this car sold for just under $80k. Could be a steal if you know how to restore it. I believe a nicely restored original GT500 could get nearly a half a million. But shoot. I’d almost want to make sure this ran smoothly and I’d almost keep the exterior as-is.